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About Us

Founded in 1946, the Southern California Handweavers' Guild (SCHG) is the guild in Southern California covering the largest geographical area. With over 120 members, it is also the largest in membership (as far as we know). Many members of smaller local guilds also maintain membership in SCHG.

The motto of the guild is "Weave for today to preserve the past and create for the future."

The objectives of SCHG, as stated in the by-laws, are:

  • To conduct this Guild on a non-profit basis and to foster and promote handweaving.
  • To bring together, in closer fraternal relationship, all handweavers in Southern California, that they may develop a finer understanding and appreciation of the techniques and beauty of handweaving.
  • To produce for the Guild and deliver to the membership in good standing, at least ten (10) issues of a newsletter pertaining to the handweaving community.

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