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On-line Resources

This non-exhaustive list of on-line resources may be of interest to weavers at all levels of expertise:

  • handweaving.net
    Over 50,000 weaving drafts, many public domain books, old manuscripts and guild newsletters. Site supported by sales of CDs and by donations.
  • www.Ravelry.com
    Social network site for knitters and spinners now also includes weavers. Groups devoted to particular interests. In weaving and spinning interest in a particular loom or spinning wheel, such as Wolf Pack for weavers who own Baby or Mighty Wolf looms or CPW lovers for owners of Canadian Production Wheels.
  • weavingtoday.com
    Handwoven Magazine’s social networking site. Has editors’ blogs and forums to discuss different interests in weaving such as equipment or weave structures or beginner questions. There is also a weekly e-newsletter that includes a column where Madelyn van der Hoogt answers questions about weaving.
  • weavolution.com: A social network exclusively for weavers
  • groups.yahoo.com/group/WeaveTech
    A Yahoo group for intermediate to advanced weavers. Very active group possibly the oldest digital gathering of weavers.
  • weavershand.com
    For weavers interested in braiding, tablet weaving, and inkle weaving.
  • www.Weavezine.com
    This is a digital magazine with projects and articles about weaving topics.
  • schachtspindle.com
    Blog of "Violet Rose,"Jane Patrick, Creative Director of Schacht Spindle makers of spinning wheels and looms. Also from Schacht Spindle “Yearning To Weave” a monthly digital column written by Mellissa Ludden.
  • www.ashford.co.nz/newsite
    Ashford Club: Information about weaving and spinning and dyeing using Ashford equipment. Has projects and information about their products.
  • weavespindye.org
    This is the website of the Handweavers Guild of America. Has information on their national conferences called "Convergence" and other programs they sponsor. These programs include grants for helping members attend educational programs and their Certificate of Excellence program to further education of weavers, spinners, dyers, and basket weavers.
  • www.cnch.org
    Conference of Northern California Handweavers (CNCH) provides information about their biannual conferences and retreats. Also other fiber related happenings in Northern California.
  • www.complex-weavers.org
    This is the site of a national weaving group that offers study groups devoted to different aspects of weaving such as complex equipment or old weaving drafts or unusual weave structures.
  • www.cs.arizona.edu
    Online Digital Archives of weaving books, articles, monographs, and newsletters. Similar to Handweaving.net listed above.
  • www.spinweave.org
    The Spinning and Weaving Association site has listings of weaving and spinning teachers and shops devoted to weaving and spinning all over the United States. It’s a professional group devoted to promoting an interest in weaving and spinning.
  • groups.yahoo.com/group/SCHGweavers
    A members only Yahoo! Group forum for the Southern California Handweavers' Guild.
  • groups.yahoo.com/group/fiberartsbusiness
    A Yahoo! Group for those who are selling their hand spun yarn, knitting, weaving, felting and other fiberart and want to discuss marketing strategies, pricing, labeling, production challenges, wholesale suppliers, consignment and retail selling, etc.
  • groups.yahoo.com/group/inkle_weaving
    A Yahoo! Group for people that use Inkle Looms to exchange information and ideas with other inkle weavers and ask questions.
  • groups.yahoo.com/group/kumi2
    A Yahoo! group for people who wish to discuss Kumihimo and techniques.
  • groups.yahoo.com/group/rugtalk
    A Yahoo! group for the discussion of the technical aspects of weaving rugs.
  • groups.yahoo.com/group/SustainableNaturalDyePractice
    A Yahoo! group to discuss aspect of coaxing natural dyes from plants, mushrooms, lichens, and insects. Also explores the various mordants and modifiers available to set or alter the dye color. Is open to the discussion of surface design techniques associated with natural dyeing.
  • groups.yahoo.com/group/TriLoom
    A Yahoo! group dedicated to triangle loom weaving.
  • groups.yahoo.com/group/Weaving
    A Yahoo! group to talk about weaving, fibers, looms, and what works and what doesn't.
  • groups.yahoo.com/group/GLASG
    A Yahoo! group for the Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild for discussing spinning issues. This Yahoo group is open to both GLASG members and non-members.