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Yearly Challenge

Back in the mists of another time it was decided that, since SCHG does not meet in July or August, there should be a challenge project to help the members survive those two months.  It would be presented at the June meeting, everyone would bring their finished projects to the October meeting and they would be shown at WeFF in November.  There is no obligation to participate, just fun if you do.

This year the challenge is “Shake Your Family Tree”.  Each participating member will look into their family tree and create something inspired by what they find there.

We will talk about this again at the September meeting, and encourage everyone to finish off something for the October meeting.

To ask more questions please contact Debbie Shoenberger bck2garden@gmail.com

We do not care how experienced or “in practice” a member may be.  What we do care about is offering everyone something to think about and to keep everyone creating during the long wait for our September meeting.

Download Challenge 2015 description: as-pdf   as-doc-file.

Yearly Challenge


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