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Yearly Challenge

To keep us focused over the summer the guild members are invited to participate in a challenge project.  The topic is presented at the June meeting, and the participants bring their finished projects to the October meeting and they are displayed at WeFF in November.  There is no obligation to participate, just fun if you do.

We do not care how experienced or “in practice” a member may be.  What we do care about is offering everyone something to think about and to keep everyone creating during the long wait for our September meeting. 

Here is this year's challenge:


Fruit with all the taste, color, texture, pattern, structure and our own memories, culture and commerce we about fruit.  It can be common, the apple; or exotic, the dragonfruit.

Lots of color here.  The color changes of ripening, that quadrant of the color wheel where citrus colors cluster, the skin that contrasts with the flesh and the skin that coordinates.

Textures galore – all the fuzzy outsides, the blush and bloom that rubs off.  Is “juicy” a texture?  Would metallic yarn be “juicy” when surrounded by smooth matte texture?  The texture that breaks into pattern on cantaloupes.  The pattern that becomes structure on pineapples.

Structures to consider:  the “star” in a cut apple, segments, what is the structure in a pomegranate?  Radial structures – What if the rays in a kiwi were lined up to make a rectangle? 

Fruits that are made into fiber- pineapple, banana, coconut.  

And our human relationships with fruit.  Personal memories (that strawberry shortcake, watermelons in the campsite).  The cultures built around fruit:  Polynesia and the coconut, the Mediterranean and the olive,  grapes and viniculture and wine.  

So survey and contemplate on fruit.  

To ask more questions please contact Bonnie Reese 

Download Challenge description: as-pdf   as-doc-file.

Yearly Challenge


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